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Business Direction



Establishing and spreading
the DID Global Standardization Policy

Support the elaboration of technical policies by the global alliance members while promoting international cooperation

Build a DID-based infrastructure for developing countries with a weak identity management system

Enhance the intensive cooperation with international, regional, governmental, and private organizations


  • 1

    ~ 3Q, 2019

    Organization of various seminar aiming at introducing the concept of DID and the background of the DID Alliance establishment.

  • 2

    4Q, 2019

    Launch the global DID Alliance in US and Korea aiming at providing a common ground where the DID consultative groups can share their best practices and ideas while discussing the standardization process of the Decentralized Identity.

  • 3

    2Q, 2020

    Establishment of technical standard, legal system, and business model through the composition of the working group in the DID Alliance.

  • 4

    3Q, 2020

    Launch of the OmniOne Network

  • 5


    Enhance cooperation network with industry, academia, government, international agencies, and NGOs to spread DID in the world and create new business opportunities for the members of the Alliance. Secure global market leadership by spreading the adoption of DID.