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Establishing Trust
in the Digital World

The DID Alliance will bring Self-Sovereign Identity to the world with the new identification system of the digital era.

Dear visitor,

Announced on July 24, 2019, the DID Alliance aims at promoting the standardization of Decentralized Identity (DID) technology by providing the common ground where the main actors in the decentralized identity space can cooperate to share their ideas and best practices.

The DID Alliance will strive to unite the existing DID projects with the current Identity-related experts in a global DID consultative body in order to propose policies facilitating the standardization of these technologies.

The ultimate purpose of the DID Alliance is to provide an identification means for the world population without formal proof of identity, thereby contributing to the economic and social development of the various countries of the world.

Thank you.

DID Alliance FoundationSoonhyung Lee | Ramesh Kesanupalli