Enable trust sourcing through standardized credentials and certified issuers

Cross-ledger transactions among all member systems means greater freedom to choose a platform

Use a Digital Address that is unique to you and gives you control over your identity and data

The Alliance

The DID Alliance is an open industry association created to drive the development of a standardized, interoperable framework for decentralized identity services. The framework will ensure the authenticity of and establishes trust in digital identities.

Our founding members

Members include organisations from the United States of America, Korea, India, Germany, The United Kingdom, Japan and China

"Our ultimate goal is to provide a new type of identity that can be trusted globally across different networks and that would include people who are not technologically equipped or people who do not have a presentable identity."

Ramesh Kesanupalli

"We will strive to unite the existing DID projects with the current Identity-related experts in a global DID consultative body. DID Alliance is connecting Human Identity to Digital Identity with an open framework that establishes Trust and Accountability in the DIgital World."

Soon Hyung Lee

“Bootstrapping trusted digital identity is a must for secure online transactions. DID Alliance is finally providing this capability in an open and trusted fashion. The internet identity layer is getting its birth certificate.”

Abbie Barbir


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