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The DID Alliance aims to set the background of a global DID ecosystem for spreading DID technology standards by enhancing user-centric usability. For doing so, the DID Alliance will play an active role by organizing and operating a global cooperative network structured around one purpose: the standardization of the DID technology around the world.


Support the technical standardization for DID operability

Support DID-related technical standardization and certification


Organize a DID technology global network

Participation of State Agencies, Global organizations, NGOs, etc.


Enhance the usability of the user-centered DID

Gain convenience and security

Identity is one of the most fundamental 'national infrastructures' for political and social rights as it confers on its owner the right to access basic services such as education, finance, healthcare, welfare, and voting rights. However, there is still a significant part of the world population that does not own any formal proof of identity due to economic or political reasons. The need for a new identity system independent from any centralized system resulted in the creation of the Decentralized Identity (DID) platform.


DID is needed to solve social issues faced by the unregistered population by providing them proof of identity, the fundamental infrastructure required to get access to basic rights.

Security Needs

DID eliminates the risks of identity theft and hacking as personal information are no more stored in a Centralized Identification System.


DID enhances the user’s privacy protection and infringement preventions while dramatically reducing operating costs.

Technical Needs

DID provides the basis for the future of the service industry through its combination with A.I., IoT & Big data-related technologies.