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DID Alliance Membership

Join the DID Alliance to be part of the team that will shape the open standard that will become the backbone of global decentralized identity services.
Members will have early access to the technology as well as the opportunity to provide input on the framework’s architecture, development and deployment.

  • Receive Information on standardization and technology trends

  • Receive reports published by the Alliance

  • Participate in the Alliance activities and committees

  • Participate in the global Alliance conferences

Target & Guide

We are seeking members in the following areas.

Issuers – trusted organizations that will issue digital addresses
- Financial institutions
- Gov institutions – e.g., Social Security Administration, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, departments of motor vehicles
- Healthcare providers
- Schools
- Insurance providers
- Banks
- Transit agencies
- Technology partners
- ID documents verification
- Biometric technology
- Decentralized identity networks
- Distributed ledger technology providers
- Service providers
- Ecommerce
- Social media
- Travel
- Hospitality
- Entertainment
- Healthcare providers
- Insurance providers
- Banks

For information about membership, please complete this short form.

Contact & Email Application : contact@didalliance.org

Membership Application Process

  • Submit your
    Application For

  • Qualifying

  • Review

  • Registration


  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company
  • Country
  • Email Address