Trust Sourcing

Why Trust Sourcing?

While existing standards allow (or soon will allow) DID systems to parse credentials issued by foreign systems, relying parties currently have no basis on which to make an authorization decision.

In order to make such a decision, several questions must be answered, such as:

  • What type of identity proofing was performed to issue the credential?
  • What are the transaction types for which the credential may be used?
  • What are the jurisdictional limits of the credential?
  • What are the exception-handling procedures in case of trust failure?
  • How is the relying party indemnified?

GADI will enable relying parties to answer these questions by instituting standardized credential-issuance procedures and semantics. Credential issuers will be certified according to published requirements for specific credential types and each credential type will be bound to a set of real-world, paper contracts.

As a result, any relying party will know the precise meaning of any GADI-imprinted credential and will be empowered to make an authorization.

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