Technology and Standards

User Experience

  • Multiple credentials from trusted Issuers
  • Ease of on-boarding with a Digital Address
  • ID verification from Service Provider viewpoint


  • Unique Digital Address across the ecosystem
  • Assurance Levels for Credentials (NIST 800-63)
  • Vetted Identities for Self-onboarded users


  • Trustable ID via issuer-verified Digital Address
  • Users and issuers rewarded on each verification
  • Includes all strata of users across platforms

The DID Alliance (DIDA) will provide a framework to facilitate and simplify digital identity creation, management, and access. It will use blockchain for data connectivity, security, and privacy.


In this model, data is not collected or duplicated, but rather is associated with a Digital Address that is issued by an authorized entity and managed by Digital Address Providers (DAP).


Each entity in the ecosystem retains users’ records and associates the data with the users’ Digital Address or identity. When validation is required (e.g., new sign-ups, service logins, payments, IoT), the requesting party is presented only with the relevant data and with user consent.


A standardized API will allow issuers anywhere in the world to create a unique Digital Address for users, if they do not have one, or publish the data connectivity to a Digital Address that has already been created for the user regardless of their Digital Address provider.


The Global Architecture for Digital Identity (GADI) will ensure that service providers can trust the identity of a user no matter what Digital Address provider they use. This will bring unprecedented accountability and trust to digital identities without compromising user privacy.

GADI Framework


The Global Architecture for Digital Identity (GADI) is the Global Trusted Platform of the DID Alliance.


There is a excellent work and standardization efforts being carried out in shaping next generation DID systems with significant investment in solving the digital identity problem that forms the foundation of what the DIDA and GADI is setting out to achieve.


The mission of the DIDA is to establish a new trustable identity framework by providing a unique digital address to everyone which empowers them to control their distributed personal identity data to reinforce trust and accountability in the real or digital world.


The DID Alliance seeks to fulfill the promise of DID systems by helping to solve some of the most important practical problems attached to their operation and adoption by enabling a business interoperability layer as well as a technological one.

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