DID Alliance successfully completed its seminar on OmniOne Testnet

DID Alliance successfully completed its seminar on OmniOne Testnet 

– Presentation of the DID Alliance Status and Business’s Vision to Member Companies

– Explanation of the OmniOne Network-based Testnet that aims at supporting commercial activities of Member Companies. 

[Legend: Soon-hyung Lee, co-founder of the DID Alliance, delivers a keynote speech at the “OmniOne Testnet Explanation” conference held at Raonsecure in Yeoksam-dong on Feb. 6.]

The DID Alliance, a nonprofit corporation founded in Silicon Valley, held an informational meeting aiming at providing explanations on “OmniOne Testnet” in the headquarters of Raonsecure in Yeoksam-dong on February 6.

DID Alliance provided explanations on OmniOne Network, the Network that was developed in accordance with the standards managed by DID Alliance while unveiling a variety of new development tools, services and business visions based on the OmniOne ecosystem. The event gathered about 60 member companies including financial institutions, government agencies, fintech companies, certification agencies, etc…

In his keynote speech, Soon-hyung Lee, the co-founder of the DID Alliance, introduced the global nonprofit corporation while emphasizing one of its purpose, which is the inclusiveness as DID Alliance aims at reducing social costs and providing anyone a trustworthy proof of identity ensuring access to benefits provided by public institutions through DID platforms based on trust and accountability. He also introduced plans to support the member companies to implement OmniOne Network and strategies for promoting services related to the Network such as simple authentication, Secure Identification, Credentials Verification, and IDoT (Identity of things).

Following this first presentation, Ramesh Kesanupalli, co-founder of FIDO Alliance and DID Alliance, introduced the Global Association for Digital Identity (GADI), which is the core infrastructure developed by the DID Alliance.  He added that GADI would support the Alliance in its effort to develop technology standards, programs and systems and support the development of Blockchain-based Decentralized Identity (DID) technologies and services by focusing in three areas: 

• Trust Sourcing, ensuring Trust and Accountability in the system;

• Cross-Ledger Transaction, enabling interoperability between heterogeneous networks;

• Inclusiveness as mentioned above.

Furthermore, the overall schedule and roadmap regarding DID Alliance and OmniOne have been presented. In that regard, the OmniOne Mainnet will be launched in early July after being tested by some member companies during the Testnet period that runs until the end of May. Also, DID Alliance introduced the OmniOne Testnet while providing member companies with further explanations regarding how it work, how to participate and how it is structured.

“DID Alliance will connect Human Identity to Digital Identity based on GADI technology,” said co-founder Soon-hyung Lee. He explained that the DID Alliance “wants to establish a DID ecosystem to overcome the limitations of centralized services and problems of independent identity systems.” He added, “We will focus on establishing an international cooperative network with global partners to address issues such as data and privacy leaks as well as the lack of proof of identity that hinder a significant part of the humanity’s pursuit of basic rights.”

About DID ALLIANCE (www.didalliance.org)

The DID Alliance is a global non-profit corporation launched in October 2019 that aims at establishing interoperability and cross-ledger transaction standards across various decentralized identity platforms while striving to standardize the DID technology in the world. The Alliance was co-founded by Soon Hyung Lee, CEO of Raonsecure, and Ramesh Kesanupalli, co-founder of the FIDO Alliance.

As of today, about 62 companies have joined the DID Alliance in its standardization effort. It includes companies from various countries (US, France, Germany, Switzerland, India, Japan and China) such as Hitachi, NEC, E3 Services, Sensory, Badge Biometrics, Identity.com, Civic, CLEAR(Secure Identity, LLC), OnFido, Mobile Iron, Feitian,  PRIVO(Privacy Vaults Online), Digital Trust, NokNok Labs, DSCI(Data Security Council of India), Government of Jersey, etc… It also includes South Korean companies such as Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute, KB Kookmin Bank, Shinhan Bank, NongHyup Bank, Busan Bank, Kwangju Bank, Jeonbuk Bank, Samsung Card, Shinhan Card, KB Kookmin Card, Lotte Card, BC Card, Korea Investment & Securities, GS Home Shopping, NICE Information Service, Shinhan DS, MarkAny, Planet Digital, Shinhan SDS, Samsung SDS, T MONET, Military Mutual Aid Association, Raonsecure, Finger, Deotis, Digital Zone, JSV, Coinplug, Penta Security, Crosscert, NHN KCP, useB, M&Wise, SSenStone, HDAC, etc…

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