‘DID Alliance Korea 2019’ conference promoting the Decentralized ID innovation ended with success

[left to right] – Pyeong Ho Sin(Executive director at Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute), Phillip J. Windley (Chairman of Sovrin Foundation), Taher Elgamal (CTO of Security – Salesforce, Inventor of SSL, Marconi Fellow), Soon Hyung Lee(Co-founder of DID Alliance), Yeong Rin Kim (Chairman of DID Alliance Korea), Ramesh Kesanupalli (Co-founder of DID Alliance), Byung-Doo Min (Korea’s National Policy Committee Chairman), Dr. Ho Hyeorn Han (Vice-Chair of DID Alliance Korea & Director of Korea PKI Forum), Ki Hyuk Lee(Vice-Chair of DID Alliance Korea).

‘DID Alliance Korea 2019’ conference promoting the Decentralized ID innovation ended with success

DID Alliance Korea, which is operated jointly by the director of the Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute Hak Su Kim, the director of the Korea PKI Forum Ho Hyeorn Han, and the chairman of the Korea FIDO Forum Ki Hyuk Lee, announced that its “DID Alliance Korea 2019” conference, that was held on October 22, has ended successfully.

About 600 people, including top cybersecurity experts in the world, participated in the event aiming at promoting the Decentralized Identity (DID), a unique technology that will revolutionize our lives. In particular, the conference emphasized on the DID based identification and biometric authentication system.

During the event, the Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute, the Korea PKI Forum and the Korea FIDO Forum, which play a leading role within DID Alliance Korea, had information booths, drawing visitors’ attention.

DID Alliance Korea Chairman Yeong Rin Kim said, “Authentication technologies that focus on identity verification have made great progress with the development of cryptography, such as PKI electronic signature, and FIDO-based biometric authentication.” He added, “We will propel the internationalization and standardization of the technology involving DID-related companies and public organizations to lay the foundation for the convenient use of identification process for all mankind. Our involvement will be part of the blockchain ecosystem, where digitalization and decentralized management of information are key points.” Such declaration drew attentions of experts in the Digital Identity industry.

During the ‘DID Alliance Korea 2019’ event, the Raonsecure’s CEO Soon Hyung Lee and the FIDO Alliance founder Ramesh Kesanupalli have been officially presented as co-founders of the Global DID Alliance. In addition, the major partners that joined the DID Alliance have been announced.

Global partners that joined the DID Alliance include: Sovrin, identity.com, Hitachi, NEC, E3 Services, Sensory, Badge Biometrics, Identity.com, CLEAR(Secure Identity, LLC), OnFido, Mobile Iron, Feitian,  PRIVO(Privacy Vaults Online), Digital Trust, NokNok Labs, DSCI(Data Security Council of India), Government of Jersey.

Korean partners that joined the DID Alliance include: Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute, Shinhan Bank, NongHyup Bank, Kwangju Bank, Jeonbuk Bank, KB Kookmin Card, Samsung Card, Shinhan Card, Lotte Card, BC Card, Korea Investment & Securities, Samsung SDS, Military Mutual Aid Association C&C, NICE Information Service, Shinhan DS, Raonsecure, Planet Digital, T MONET, MarkAny, Finger, Deotis, Digital Zone, JVS, Coinplug, Penta Security, KOLIT, Crosscert, NHN KCP, UseB, etc. As of today 46 companies have joined the DID Alliance.

“We thank you for your participation in DID Alliance Korea 2019. Thanks to your support and interest, the conference was a successful event,” said Yeong Rin Kim, Chairman of DID Alliance Korea. “We will do our best to introduce more ideas around the DID technology at the global DID Alliance conference that will be held in the first half of next year.”

Meanwhile, Global DID Alliance and DID Alliance Korea have continued to hold preliminary meetings to establish a Decentralized ID ecosystem in Korea and overseas, while looking for cooperation agreements in various industries. All members of the Global DID Alliance will work together to establish an efficient cooperative system in the future.​ 

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