About DID Alliance


About Us

The DID Alliance is an open industry association created to drive the development of a standardized, interoperable framework for decentralized identity services to ensure the authenticity of and establish trust in digital identities. The group will contribute to the creation of a global ecosystem, the formation and operation of a collaborative network, the diffusion of standardized technologies and the development of the decentralized identity industry.


Establish a new trustable identity framework by providing a unique digital address to everyone, thus empowering them to control their distributed personal identity data


In the Digital World, just as in the Physical World, Security and Privacy are fundamental rights of the User, and Trust and Accountability are necessities for a functioning Business and Society

Core Values

  • We will not own or keep identity data
  • Identity data should remain with issuers
  • Data disclosure only with user’s consent
  • Add issuers and users to the value chain
  • Include people without presentable ID

DID Alliance will bring trust and accountability to Digital Identity


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